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Posted on: November 13, 2007

  • Keyword in URL
    Find Keyword Use Google Keyword Tool (Google)
  • Keyword in Domain name
    Same as in page-name-with-hyphens
  • Keyword Header
  • Keyword in Title tag
    Keyword in Title tag – close to beginning
    Title tag 10 – 60 characters, no special characters.
  • Keyword in Description Meta Tag
    Shows theme – less than 200 chars.
    Google no longer “relies” upon this tag, but will often use it.
  • Keyword in Keyword Meta Tag
    Shows theme – less than 10 words.
    Every word in this tag MUST appear somewhere in the body text. If not, it can be penalized for irrelevance.
    No single word should appear more than twice.
  • Keywords in Body
  • Keyword Density in Body (6 % Max)
  • Keyword in H1,H2,H3
    Use Hx font style tags appropriately
  • Keyword font size
    “Strong is treated the same as bold, italic is treated the same as emphasis” . . . Matt Cutts July 2006
  • Keyword proximity (for 2+ keywords)
    Directly adjacent is best
  • Keyword phrase order
  • Keyword prominence (how early in page/tag)
  • Keyword in alt text
  • Keyword in links to site pages (anchor text)
  • All Internal links valid?
    Validate all links to all pages on site.
    Use a free link checker. I like this one.
  • Intra-site linking
  • OUTGOING LINKS (External Links)
    Google patent – Link only to good sites. Do not link to link farms. CAREFUL – Links can and do go bad, resulting in site demotion. Unfortunately, you must devote the time necessary to police your outgoing links – they are your responsibility.
  • Outgoing link Anchor Text
  • File Size
    Try not to exceed 100K page size (however, some subject matter, such as this page, requires larger file sizes).
    Smaller files are preferred <40K (lots of them).
  • Freshness of Pages
    Google patent – Changes over time
    Newer the better – if news, retail or auction!
    Google likes fresh pages. So do It
  • Freshness of Links
    Google patent – May be good or bad
    Excellent for high-trust sites
    May not be so good for newer, low-trust sites
  • URL length
    Keep it minimized – use somewhat less than the 2,000 characters allowed by IE – less than 100 is good, less is even better
  • Site Age
    Google patent – Old is best. Old is Golden.
  • Age of page vs. age of site
    Age of page vs. age of other pages on site
    Newer pages on an older site will get faster recognition.

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