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Woopra v/s Google Analytics

Posted on: April 2, 2009



What is Woopra

Woopra is a robust web-tracking & analysis tool that works perfectly on any website. It is mainly targeted for small to medium websites ranging from few hundreds up to tens of thousands of daily page views.

Essentially, it is targeted for blogs interested in the most minuscule details of every single action. In addition, Woopra provides a precise real-time streaming of every single activity on the website.

Woopra also features a clean interface, including many graphical visualization components, such as charts, maps, panels… Along with many other clean and advanced options that make Woopra an ideal solution for webmasters who desire to discern all the aspects of their website.

After reading the introduction of woopra I felt like why some one will creates one more Analytics tool to compete to Google Analytics. Google Analytics is already providing some of those features which woopra is going to provide so what’s use. But then I felt “people are not fool to compete with Google giving same functionally like Google Analytics”. it has to be some thing more then that. So I decided to give a look at woopra features


Here is list of Woopra Analytics Features

  • Live Tracking
  • Rich Interface
  • Visitor Tagging
  • Instance Messaging
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Custom Notification
  • Developer Tool

Now if we compare this with Google Analytics then we will find none of this features are provided by Google Analytics


Let me discuss some of issue/Disadvantages/Cons of Woopra over Google Analytics.

  1. I have registered for woopra but after you add site for analytics it requires approval. it takes up to 7 business days to receive Approval/Response of added site. Which is not a case for Google analytics
  2. Real Time Analytics is one of features of Woopra, if its going to be real time then think about you site bandwidth and website loading time. I am sure it’s going to be increased by marginal percentag
  3. Goal Conversion one of most powerful features of Google analytics for every webmaster is missing in Woopra


2 Responses to "Woopra v/s Google Analytics"

Bro. If you can also provide the link of Woopra then it’ll be good.. by the way anyone can search it on net, but it is good if the link will be available with the post.. 🙂

First time I came to this blog and find quite interesting..

Thanks.. 🙂

Mate please tell us more about the demerits and merits of woopra.

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