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Help 2010 Hockey World Cup

Posted on: February 3, 2010

The 2010 Hockey World Cup will be the twelfth instalment of the Men’s Hockey World Cup. On November 14, 2007, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) announced that the championship would be held in India, taking place over two weeks from Feb 28 to March 13, 2010 at New Delhi’s Dhyan Chand National Stadium.

Many of us have even forgotten about “Hockey”, our national game which had brought laurels for our country, a record of six Olympic gold medals, from 1928-56 which has been till today an unbreakable record. But hockey and its players are not getting their due respect, recognition and money in our country. So Indian hockey players boycotting training sessions for world cup should not sound shocking.

Lets collect together funds to support our team and cheer up our players for world cup.

Its time to give our National Game its due respect, so all Indians- CHAK DE!

4 Responses to "Help 2010 Hockey World Cup"

Team India…….U people are our pride…….All the best….

Fund for this team? These players have more lust of money then pride for the country.
And above all the first match is against Pakistan against which our team have meagerly 40 won to 70 Loss record.
They have recently beaten us in two big torunament and there cricket team have kick us out of champions trophy and under 19 world cup.
So we should just to prathnaa that some lady luck will favor us to beat them.

Always available for team, i forward this to all my friends and we try to contribute as much as possible

now what would raj say when india won by 4-1
Rememberbdear never underestimate anybody……
Nd i thnk dey hav given u a better reply on ur comment dan i hav tried to ……..:-D

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