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Apple Mac Book

This post is open for all people who have a bad experience using apple mac book.

One of my colleague share his bad experience to using apple mac book.
Apple India Sucks and So Is Mac book – Check Why (by Pradeep Chopra) Pradep chopra

I am an IIT Delhi graduate and an entrepreneur based in Delhi, India. Early last year, I started my 2nd venture and along with my two partners, I bought an Apple MacBook.

The main reason for which
I bought Apple MacBook was its reliability. I was very happy and excited when I started using Apple MacBook and as expected Mac’s design fascinated everyone around me. However, within the first few months, its battery broke suddenly . The same happened with one of my partners. It was shocking but we got the battery replaced.

Although we were not expecting any more failures, we were not so much worried about any potential failure as we paid for 3 years protection plan. Unfortunately, within next few weeks, I lost my address book and contacts due to a sudden data corruption on my Mac. It was a big loss in terms of the time and lost contacts but somehow I survived.

But, the real horror started after that. One fine day, my partner’s MacBook’s harddisk suddenly crashed and he lost all the data, except the one’s he had already backed up. The lost was irreparable and huge. Moreover, he wasted many days getting his MacBook’s hard disk replaced due to false promises and repeated delays on the service center’s front.

Given that we together lost the battery, I immediately took complete back up of my data. Although not desired but consistent to my expectations, my machine started showing symptoms of crashing; it started slowing down and hanging up in between. Since I didn’t want to waste more of my time, I called another service center, UC Infosys, one of Apple India’s service centers in Delhi. Having discussed the symptoms with them over the phone, I was told that I send my laptop to them and they will rectify it within 2-3 days. It was Dec 5, 2007 . After confirming the time with them I sent my person with the laptop to them. Having reached there, my guy was told to wait for 2 hours. I called them and confirmed with them that they will diagnose the problem after 2 hours. After two hours he was told that he should come again tomorrow, as their technical guy was not available. The guy went to them again the next day (Friday) and finally they diagnosed it and found that my MacBook’s harddisk is in trouble. They called me and promised to deliver the laptop by Monday. Since I didn’t receive any call from them I called them and I was told that the harddisk is in its way to Delhi from Bangalore and is stuck due to flight delay. I was told that my laptop will be ready to pickup on Tue by 2 pm. Again, in absence of any communication from them, I called them and I was told that I will need to wait for some more time. Being frustrated, I called their manager/founder and he told that we are expecting the MacBook’s harddisk and you may need to wait for a day or two more. I realized that these people are not taking the responsibility and for them their promise didn’t matter. As expected, once again, there was no communication from UC Infosys even after 3 days and moreover, the founder stopped picking my calls. So, I called Apple’s US office and I was told that I need to contact Apple’s support center in Bangalore only. I called the Bangalore center in Delhi and I spoke to a gentleman from Apple’s support in Austria. This guy told me a different story; he told me that 160 GB hard disk for MacBook is not available with them but they will deliver 200 GB hard disk as a compensation for the delay. I was promised the job to be done in next 3 days and I was promised that I would not need to make any call.

Having wasted so much of my time and energy, I was finally expecting the job to be done. At this point, I knew that Apple’s service sucks but I didn’t expect them to treat their customers as people on the road. Contrary to my expectations, I didn’t receive any responsef. I again called them and escalated the complaint to a senior manager. I wanted to talk to the head of Apple India but I was not given any details and was told that I am already talking to the key decision maker. She promised me to get back to me with exact status and committed to sort the issue immediately. But the bug didn’t stop there… even then I didn’t receive any communication.

At that point I decided to take this route of going through the social media. As part of my organization, I had to work on a critical, 2 week long assignment. So I had to be silent for that period. Today it is Jan 17th; 43 days have passed and no communication from Apple. I am anyways not interested in their machine and Apple’s service. But I will do everything it takes on my end to get compensated for the loss Apple made to my organization and to me. More important, I don’t want some other Apple’s fans and users to fall in the same trap. I am sure that someone responsible (who cares for his customers) at Apple will hear it and take appropriate actions. Till then I am not going to stop… My Apple case id is 88611362 & I can be reached at chopra.pradeep (at) gmail (dot) com.

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