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What is Google Knol?

Google Knol is a mix of Wikipedia, Squidoo, Hub Pages coupled with ease and effective Google technology. Unlike Wiki, google Knol allows you to create your own identity which gives you much more exposure and branding opportunities. It helps you create support for your own Website optimization, brings not only direct traffic but also authority to your site.

What is Google Knol Going to do For Me?

Being a super Article Submission and a serious competitor to Wikipedia, your Google Knol pages will bring incoming links, establish authority in the eyes of Search Engines (afterall, Google owns this service and we are sure they are going to support it), bring new traffic and might even create some residual income with its own Adsense Integration.

Any Benefit to Wait?

No, Absolutely NOT. Like everything else on online marketing being first is benefitial. Google Knol is still at the start of its service. And as we know, age and history are important factors for Google when ranking Websites. So having one of the earlier Google Knol pages will benefit you and create a better chance to get the benefits of having Knol quick.

Features and benefits of Google Knol service

  • Anyone with a Google Email account can signup for Google Knol.
  • An Author is not limited to a particular topic, but can write on a wide range of topics.
  • Unlike Wiki, The main author of the Knol is given the maximum exposure.

If you own a frequently updated website, such as a blog or news publication, or just want to promote your site content, the ‘Add to Google’ button is a quick and easy way to keep readers up-to-date by making it easy to add your content right to their Google homepage or Google Reader


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These basic search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for all bloggers can help to increase your blog rankings on major search engines. Follow them routinely, and you will achieve consistently higher volumes of traffic to your blog.

Major factors

  • Know all your keywords and keyphrases and use them effectively on your blog.
  • When designing and building your blog, make sure that your keywords and keyphrases are included in your blog headings and sub-headings.
  • Use only high quality, unique and fresh content on your blog. Duplicate content can result in your blog being penalized by search engines.
  • Submit your blog to blog directories both in your niche and in general directories as well.
  • Create links with other related blogs.
  • Blog regularly using fresh, unique content and the keywords and keyphrases for your niche.
  • Discuss about your blog and their content in relevant forums.

We know that there are thousands of factors that determine your ranking.

Offsite optimization is one of the factor.

Offsite optimization contains:-

  1. Link Submission and Directory Submission
  2. Article Submission
  3. Press Release Submission
  4. Rss Submission
  5. Blog Submission
  6. Software Submission

    * Link Submission and Directory Submission

    One way link is major part to get higher ranking on your site. There are several ways to get one way links. We can get one way to submit our site on other directories.

    * Article Submission

    Submit article in different articles sites is the process for people to aware about sites about you and yours products. One major thing people forget to do is to add their back links on the articles sites. That will make a major difference. There are many sites accept html back links.

    For example –

    * Press Release Submission

    Press Release submission is fastest way to introduce you and your products in the market. We can also add our site back links on those sites. To submit the news on different site with the back links we can get high number of visitors and ranking too. There are many sites accept html back links.

    For example –

    * Rss Submission

    RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is the talk around the net these days because of its many benefits. An RSS Feed is the way that your information or content can be delivered instantly all over the web. To increase your web presence, promote your online business, and increase web traffic you should invest in providing an RSS feed for your blog or website.

    For example – you may create a RSS feed about all articles on your web site.

    Once you have set up your RSS feed you need to submit it to the many RSS feed Directories and submission site available to increase your exposure. Good examples of these are FeedForAll and Technorati.

    * Blog Submission

    Blogging is a way of collecting links to WebPages and sharing thoughts and ideas with people online. As well as text, blogs often contain audio, music, images and video.

    Word Press is the most popular blogging platform. Many Web hosts make setting up a Word Press blog simple.

    * Software submission

    Choosing a software submission service is not without problems also. Software submission services that claim to submit to 1000’s of archives for only a small fee are cutting corners somewhere.

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