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Here are a few of the exciting features

* Performance graphs: Spot trends over time with custom graphs on every campaign management page.
* Insight across ad groups: Focus on the high-impact areas of your account with new roll-up tabs on every page. You can see and edit keywords, placements or ads from all ad groups on a single tab.
* In-line editing: Want to change a keyword or bid? Click on it and make changes in-line instead of loading a separate page.
* Easier content network management: Improve content network performance through a new Networks tab. Look at statistics for the placements where your ads have appeared, and then take action by setting unique bids or excluding placements directly from the report.

Keyboard shortcuts

* g then o: Go to All Online Campaigns
* g then c: Go to Campaigns tab
* g then r: Go to Ad groups tab
* g then k: Go to Keywords tab
* g then n: Go to Networks tab
* g then a: Go to Ads tab
* g then s: Go to Settings tab

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Now Advertising on TV just got easier with Google TV Ads

Google’s all-digital, user-friendly interface allows you to launch and manage your TV ad campaigns in minutes. Buy five networks or fifty − no forced bundling means that you can choose the networks that are right for you and try new networks without commitment. And as you learn what’s working with viewers, adjust your campaign accordingly with just a few clicks of the mouse

Sample TV Ads from the Ad Creation Marketplace


Sponsored Links On Google Image Search Results

Google announced that it would begin experimenting with display ads on its popular Image Search, which it has largely been unable to monetize – in 2006 the company estimated that it was missing out on $200 million a year because it wasn’t including ads in search results, and that number has almost certainly gone up since then. Google has previously tried to incorporate text ads into results, but abandoned the practice after seeing a marked decline in traffic.


The paid search listings that appear on Image Search results are not the same as those on the Web Search results page. The reason behind the difference in ads delivered is not yet clear. The ad copy of the ads that are common to both is the exact same, which makes one think that Google has some other selection criteria for delivery of these ads.

The presentation of the Sponsored Links above the organic search results here is different from that on the Web Search pages. The 4-line ad format with 3 ads placed side-by-side in the images results looks better than the 2-line format with 3 ads placed one below the other on regular search results as the organic image results are also shown side-by-side rather than one after another.

Why Google hasn’t done this earlier is a question worth asking.

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Aaron Matthew Wal (founder Seobook) has giving you opportunity to learn about Pay Per Clicks. The free PPC report requires Adobe Reader to view.

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