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Different Search Engine Means Different Algorithm
All search engines have their own algorithms to determine the Yahoo
value and, therefore, positioning of websites. While the
majority of SEO work tends to concentrate on Google because of
the sheer weight of searches they receive it would be foolish to
discount or ignore the other major search engines. Yahoo is
considered one of the big three along with Google and MSN and by
concentrating a little more time and effort on Yahoo
optimization it is quite possible to gain a good amount of

The Most Important Yahoo Optimization Factor

The first, and most pertinent point is that Yahoo judges content
to be the most important factor in their algorithms. They do
still consider inbound links and other factors but they are
attuned to the way of the content site and they love sites that
provide keyword-optimized content in large mass.

Yahoo is the second most important search engine and if you ask anyone in China, Yahoo is the #2 search engine only behind Baidu, and in that country Yahoo is very well represented and has great partners (like that keep them in the mindshare of Chinese internet users. Yahoo has about 14% of the UK market and I believe 25-30% of the US market. Its traffic is not to be ignored.

What are the differences between Yahoo and Google indexing algorithms?

Google focuses more on “off page�? factors. Yahoo mostly on the “on page” (to be more exact: on site). MSN is positioned somewhere in between them.

This means that Yahoo places more attention on the internal web site aspects than on the external aspects.

Use of Links for Yahoo Optimization

Lots of SEO gurus say that Yahoo doesn’t place as much attention to the incoming links as Google does; but it seems that Yahoo does place attention if you have links from relevant sites like:

  • eBay listings
  • social network tags
  • shopping feeds
  • and in general sites related to your site’s niche.

Yahoo puts more attention in the internals of a site thus, a webmaster must have a very good internal linking structure, keeping in mind that the whole web site must be optimized for one or two good keywords and you will exploit these keywords or keyphrases through the internal linking structure.

How To Optimize For Yahoo Without Getting Penalized By Google

Google likes a density of around 2% and Yahoo likes a density as
high as 7% or even 8%. This means that you can effectively use 4
variations of a single keyword or phrase and a density of 2% for
each. This offers further advantages. With Google you are now
gearing your content towards four different keywords and
offering the level they want, and you are still providing Yahoo
with the much higher density rate that they require. Because you
can include plurals and further stems of keywords this means you
can write in a much more natural tone.

Regular, Fresh Content Is King

You’ve probably heard the saying that “content is king” and this
is even truer when considering Yahoo optimization. The more
content you provide the better. This may mean making regular
additions to your site but it will generate the kind of results
you are looking for. Blogs are also a very good way to continue
adding relevant content to your site that Yahoo will smile down

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