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Google Publisher Tools

Help people discover more of your web pages with Google Sitemap

Google Sitemaps is an easy way for you to help improve your site’s representation in the Google index. It’s a collaborative crawling system that enables you to communicate directly with Google. You get a smarter crawl because you can provide Google with specific information about all your web pages, such as when a page was last modified or how frequently it changes.

Google Sitemaps

Recognize traffic trends with Google Analytics

Get easy access to intuitive graphs that show exactly what’s happening on your site. You can pinpoint exactly which links and pages on your site are popular with your readership and which aren’t. Or see exactly where your readers are coming from – which website, country, state and city.

Google Analytics
Drive traffic to your site with Google AdWords
With Google AdWords you create your own ads, choose keywords to help us match your ads to your audience and pay only when someone clicks on them. That is, you only pay when your advertising works.
Google AdWords
Make it easier for users to find your content with Google Base
Google Base is a place where you can easily submit all types of content, which we’ll make searchable on Google properties. You can describe any item you post with attributes, which will help people find if when they do related searches.
Google Base
Harness the power of Google search to create a free Custom Search Engine
Create a highly specialized search engine that reflects your knowledge and interests. Place it on your website, and using our AdSense for Search TM program, make money from the resulting traffic.
Custom Search Engine

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