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Many advertisers use spreadsheets when managing their AdWords campaigns to streamline tasks such as changing bids, creating keyword lists, and adjusting destination URLs. As a result, we decided to work on a way for you to use spreadsheets directly in your account, and today this feature is available in the new AdWords interface.

Google AdWords lets you specify a unique cost-per-click (CPC) amount or destination URL for each keyword in a keyword-targeted Ad Group. You also can specify a unique cost-per-impression (CPM) amount or destination URL for each site in a placement-targeted campaign.

You can edit these settings individually or update batches of keywords and sites all at once. Batch updating is a convenient shortcut for advertisers with multiple Ad Groups, campaigns, or lengthy keyword lists.

Editing existing CPCs and URLs in a keyword-targeted campaign

To edit your keyword CPC or destination URL values individually:

  1. Log in to your AdWords account.
  2. Click the campaign containing the Ad Group keywords you want to change.
  3. Click the appropriate Ad Group.
  4. Select the checkbox(es) next to the keyword(s) you’d like to edit within the Ad Group table.
  5. Click ‘Edit CPCs/URLs’ at the top of the Ad Group table.
  6. To change the default CPC that will apply to all keywords, enter a new value in the Default Ad Group CPC field. To assign a unique CPC to a keyword, enter the amount in the Max CPC column beside the appropriate keyword(s). This maximum CPC will override the default Ad Group CPC.
  7. If you want to track a specific keyword separately, enter a URL in the Destination URL column beside that keyword.
  8. Click ‘Save Changes’ at the top or bottom of the page.

Please note that you can leave any field blank if you’re satisfied with it. The system will default to the maximum CPC or destination URL you set when you first created the Ad Group.

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