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1. Produce Remarkable, Attention Grabbing Content

Everything starts with remarkable content i.e. content worth remarking on and linking to. Do you have unique, timely content? Does you content solve a problem? Does you content provide a new insight? Does you content spark controversy? Does you content start – or contribute to – a conversation?

2. Crawlability

If your content can’t be crawled, you won’t rank. Ensure your site is easily accessible to both humans and search engine spiders.

3. Build Links

Google’s algorithm is heavily weighted towards links. Beg, buy, or earn links, and rankings follow. Get your keywords into the link text. Building links also means building relationships with people. Spend a lot of time doing this, especially in the early stages.

4. Title Tag

It is debatable how much ranking value the title tag has, both it definitely has click-thru value. Your listing fights for attention with all the other links on page. What will make people click your link?
Learn the lessons of Adwords. Match your title tag to the keyword query. Solve a users problem. Arouse curiosity.

5. On-Page Content

Forget endless on-page tweaking. Largely a waste of time. Instead, keep a few keyword phrases in mind when writing. Use semantic variations of your terms in order to help catch long tail terms. Link your page to related pages, using keyword terms in the link.

How far we have come?

• 8 Billion searches are made every month

• It took 13 years for television to reach 50 Million users- it took the Internet less than 4 years

• If eBay were a country, it would be the 5th most populous country in the world behind China , India ,the U.S. and Indonesia .

• domain was sold for 7.5M US$

• YouTube (with zero revenue) was sold for 1.6B US$

Today… at Home

• Internet Ad spend in India will grow from Rs 210 crore in 2006 to Rs 2250 crore in 2009

• An IT services startup bags .25M US$ deal through internet

• A product startup acquires over 100 enterprise customers including Fortune 500’s without any meeting

• A 2 year old used cars seller site drives over 200,000 visitors per month

• A single person company in Mumbai makes over25,000 US$ per month

What’s the opportunity for us?

A Level Playing Field

• Timeless

• Location Independent

• Can be fitted in any-budget

Being Online is NOT an Option

Your customers and competitors are already online. Do you want to be left behind?

What should we do?  

• Online Marketing

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is a way to get your product/service/brand out there to the World Wide Web of customers/users.

Is it only Sales & Marketing?

• Customer Satisfaction

• Branding

• Market Differentiation

• Hiring

• Productivity

• Market Research

• Procurement/Logistics

What does it include?

• Search Engine Optimize (SEO)

• Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

• Email Marketing

• Affiliate Marketing

• Online Public Relation (PR)

• Blogging

• Community Building

New World

•  Direct to Customer

•  Any Time

•  Any Reason

•  Cost Effective (and even FREE :))

•  Measurability

How can we implement?

•  In-house

•  Outsourced

How much will it cost?

Different Business Models

• Fixed Cost

•  Lead Based

•  Revenue Sharing

•    From an analytics perspective, what is different between a user from organic search results vs. a type-in user?
•    you distinguish the results of your search optimization work from a seasonal change in traffic patterns?
•    What is Phrase Based Indexing and Retrieval and what roles does it play?
•    What is Alexa ranking?
•    What is Latent Semantic Analysis (LSI Indexing)?
•    What do you think of using XML sitemaps?
•    What is rss?
•    What is pad file?
•    Use of bookmarking sites
•    Define viral marketing
•    What technologies are you familiar with? (We primarily use HTML, CSS, ASP, .net, PHP, SQL, and JavaScript)
•    Do you have experience in extensive competitive analysis and what techniques do you use?
•    Do you have experience in bid management tools, API tools, and click fraud issues?
•    Do you have experience in email marketing, banner advertising, other types of media buys and other forms of online advertising?
•    Are you familiar with A/B testing and multivariate testing?
•    Are you familiar with enterprise web analytics and what packages are your familiar with?
•    Are you familiar with any blackhat SEO techniques, search arbitrage, and affiliate marketing?
•    What are your thoughts on the direction of Web 2.0 technologies with regards to SEO?
•    Do you have experience in copywriting and can you provide some writing samples?
•    Have you attended any search related conferences

OMCAR 2008 is going to be the World’s first online marketing careers conference. Hosted by OM Careers (a non-profit organization & an online marketing careers community) OMCAR is designed to create a confluence for the burgeoning Online Marketing Industry and the Professional talent who dream to be a part of it.

Who should attend
Bachelors, engineering or management graduate looking for career in OM
OM Professionals exploring further career options
Sales, Marketing, Web design & development Professionals looking for OM opportunities
OM Agencies or corporations with in-house OM teams interested in hiring OM talent

To Register Visit –

OMCAR 2008

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