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Upload your resume on SearchMyCampus to get part time jobs, internships, graduate jobs, volunteer work, freelance work and more. Visit Searchmycampus to upload your resume today.

Past employers listed on the website include UTV, Reliance, Bharti AXA, Pankhudi Foundation, Deepalaya, Subway, and KFC


What is SearchMyCampus?

Simply put, SearchMyCampus is an online extension of your campus noticeboard. Right now, everyone uses the noticeboard to put up advertisements about events happening around college, about stuff they want to sell, stuff they want to buy, services they offer, services they need etc. We have put all of that and more, online on one website.

What can you do with it?

This is your space. Use it to post advertisements about anything you want to buy, anything you want to sell or an upcoming event that you want to tell people about!

Looking for accommodation? Looking for a housemate? Looking for a tutor?*

All you have to do is log on to the website and select your university on the top, and then select a category from the left to see all the advertisements in the area near you. Search by keyword and filter the results by campus area or to find relevant postings in the area near you.

Want to sell a book? Want to sell your old laptop? Need a job? Need to start a car pool?*

You can also post advertisements specifying what you need to buy or sell using the option on the right hand side of the site. Simply fill in the basic details about your service or product, and verify your e-mail address to have the advertisement posted on the site within minutes.

Want to tell people about your upcoming play? Need to publicize your college fest?*

Publicize events by selecting the ‘post an event’ option on the right hand side of the screen. Fill in the details about your event, add a description, add photographs or images and verify your e-mail address to have it added to the events calendar on the right.

*This list is only indicative and the actual list of categories is far more extensive. We could just go on and on and on and on

Promote your Ad

Advertisements can be made more prominent by paying a small fee (10 to 50 rupees) to post them as featured ads. They appear with thumbnails in a reserved column on the right hand side of the site on the relevant category page. Latest featured ads are also displayed on the home page of the site.

Who are we?

All of us at SearchMyCampus are young, passionate about our work and extremely brilliant *modest smile*. Our mantra as a team is ‘Empower Youth’. We have recently retired from student-hood and would give anything to return to those good old days. We have tried our best to use our extensive experience about students and their needs when creating this site. While our first version is almost ready, there are many more versions still to be created and we need your help for that. So check out the site and give us feedback about what you think. Or if you think we just aren’t up to the job, join the team and help us do the things we need to do!

July 2020




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