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Video Submission is never easy earlier as compare to now days. TubeMogul is a free service that provides a single point for deploying uploads to the top video sharing sites, and powerful analytics on who, what, and how videos are being viewed.

TubeMogul is the first online video analytics and distribution company serving publishers large and small who need independent information about video performance on the Internet and automated upload to the Web’s top video sharing sites.

Sites supported


Features –

  • Upload to multiple sites (at once)
  • Track results on one dashboard
  • Promote your videos
  • Advanced features available

What is Video SEO? “Simply put, Video SEO is the art and science of ensuring that your video content attracts as much traffic as possible.” – blinkx Options for Online Video SEO
• Hosted – Website Video SEO – Optimization of video content that is on your website
• Posted – Video Sharing SEO – Optimization of video content uploaded to video sharing sites, social media, etc…

* Benefits of Posted Video SEO Strategy: When your goal is to generate video views Benefits:
• Take advantage of a large audience and viral social nature of video sharing sites
• Video sharing sites have simplified search algorithms and are easier to “game”
• Take advantage of pre-established authority and PR – easy way to get into Organic/Universal Search w/thumbnails. Youtube, Revver, metacafe, etc…
• Can use this strategy with or without a website presence

* Benefits of Website Video SEO (hosted) Strategy: When your goal is to generate traffic to your website & your video content Benefits:
• Control over on-page text, encoded metadata, user-experience, etc…
• Control over monetization/advertising
• Generate traffic to your website
• While you can currently dominate the SERPs with “carpet bombing,” posted strategies, this may go away with duplicate content filtering in the future

* Benefits of Website Video SEO (hosted) Direct traffic to site Links back to site

* Video Search Engine Traffic Trends Video discovery via search is on the rise
• 29% of video discovered on social video sharing sites in 2008 – vs. 36% in 2007
• 29% of videos discovered via search engines in 2008 – vs. 22% in 2007

* Google Universal Search May 2007 – Google Launches Universal Search initiative to integrate listings from its news, video, images, local and book search engines into Google SERPS

* How Does Video Affect Website SEO? + On the positive side…
• Videos generate interest, buzz, inbound links, and website traffic = Better rankings – On the negative side…
• Search engines are not YET able to “read” actual video content
• Video search engines need to be told what a video is about using on-page text and metadata

* Google Video Sitemaps – XML Where Do Videos Submitted Via XML Sitemaps Appear?
• \”…when you submit a Video Sitemap to Google, we will make the included video URLs searchable on Google Video.\”
• BUT …they continue on \”…in addition, your video may also appear in other Google search products.

* is a website dedicated to providing unique insight and informative articles on the ever-growing use of online video marketing and video search engine optimization (video SEO) Visit for tons of news and tips about Video SEO Please subscribe to our feed and check out our ReelSEO podcasts on iTunes Other Resources – or just search “Google video sitemaps” in Google”

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